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Petjes Resources

We maintain a limited member base, ensuring that we are always available to serve their needs.

Petjes Resources

Company in Brief

Petjes Resources is a nonprofit company providing holistic developmental programs for children in Early Childhood Development, school going children to pass matric the first time and youth in skills programs and entrepreneurship. The programs will form partnerships with parents of the youth, the department of education and the community at large. Petjes resources’ goal is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote long lasting developmental milestones, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future. Only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be re-established that will give children and youth the commitment to follow through on a path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment

an NPC that is in direct response to the growing number of young people that are either falling through the cracks at school or are already entangled with the juvenile delinquency. The goal of the company is to identify youths who are at risk in schools and those living in the streets who are prone to difficulties of personal growth. They need a service that will successfully transition them to adulthood and offer positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives. The focus is slightly different at each level but the goal remains the same; empower the young person to make positive changes in his/her life.


Why train with us

Petjes Resources’ programs will put the learner and parent in the center stage for successful delivery of services. Family re-unification for young people living in the streets will form part of the intervention process for the first 6 months of contact. During that time the three parties will participate in weekly planned activities to strengthen the relationship with the hope to improve the young person's confidence and hopefulness. Parents and staff involved will receive continuous training throughout the year and will participate in monthly meeting to report the young person's progress.