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Petjes Resources

To foster a commitment to young people that will promote long lasting developmental milestones


• Early Childhood Development: ECD is the central program of Petjes Resources. The ECD offers firstly psycho social care as well as education for the child from babyhood to school going age. The primary objective being to provide full day care for children and as well as to help the parents to understand the dynamics of the child’s growth. The child together with the parent participate in a structured program of support from the ECD centers. • The Educator: The sole purpose of this program is to run an after school care, holiday care and extra lessons to all school going children and youth form primary schools up to university or tertiary institutions. The impact of Petjes Resources will be to patch the areas of need for the beneficiaries. • Skills Development: Education, training and skills development is crucial for the economic and social development in South Africa. Petjes’ Skills Development program is set to meet the vision of the National Skills Development Strategy. • Entrepreneurship: The vital importance and positive contribution of entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurship culture in an economy and social development cannot be overstated. The creation of this program will see the transformation of ideas into economic opportunities as a crux of entrepreneurship.